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Tow Test: Winners and losers

Is a bigger rig better when it comes to towing a heavy load?

Independent Day: 4X4 Australia remains unbiased!

An independent opinion is becoming rare in this business.

Camping: the good and the bad

A bad day camping still beats a good day in the office.

Emission standards are changing new 4x4s

Ever-tightening emissions standards are changing the face of Australia’s new 4x4 market.

All the best 4x4s have six-cylinder engines

Might straight sixes with plenty of grunt - those were the days!

Roothys 40 series Milo gets a new front end

After an exhausting series of Lowrange, Milo's front end gets a fresh start

Nissan Navara tackles the snow-capped Alpine regions

Deano dons a scarf and beanie and takes his Navara to the snow.

Tow ratings are just marketing hype

Don't always believe the label when it comes to tow ratings

Are the fun police ruining driving pleasure?

When did car ownership stop being about the driving experience?

Roothy's 40 series, Milo, Gets a paint touch-up

Milo's trademark green paintwork gets a touch-up.

How can there be more than one centre of Australia?

Over the years many have attempted to state their claim as the centrepoint of Australia.

Toyota Troop Carrier, made for Outback Adventure

In the world of Outback 4x4 travelling the Toyota Troop Carrier is King...

Don't believe the fuel consumption labels

The fuel consumption label on the windscreens of new 4x4s shouldn't be taken too literally.

The struggles of navigating with a paper map

Before the advent of GPS, paper maps were an off-roader’s best – and worst – friend.

Roothy’s 40-series, Milo, is falling to bits

The task of sprucing up Milo is a much bigger job than first envisioned.