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Performance-car tuners are turning to 4x4s

Manufacturers are being driven to create go-fast performance 4x4s

Maintaining journalistic ethics and standards

How can anyone be expected to do an independent review if they are being paid by the supplier?

Smaller diesel engines are producing more power

Modern diesel engines are getting smaller but are making increasingly more power.

Most popular 4x4 opinion columns: 2017

4X4 Australia’s journos penned some divisive opinion columns this year, here are the most popular.

Choosing the right tyre for your 4x4

Tyres may be the most unappreciated part of a 4x4.

Opinions on 4x4's are changing

Attitudes towards four-wheel drivers are a changin’.

Ron Moon reminisces on his first 4x4 adventure

Looking back across the Nullarbor

Milo 2 goes on a cross-country adventure

An invite to an NT wedding sparks a cross-country trip.

4x4 industry set for a big 2018

The 4x4 industry – and 4X4 Australia – is set for a shake-up in 2018.

Banning fossil-fuel cars

The UK and French governments’ plan to ban fossil-fuel cars by 2040 is nothing but a political stunt.

What to pack in a 4x4 toolbox

A well-prepared traveller maintains a well-stocked toolbox.

Lees Ferry at the Grand Canyon, USA

Ron ticks Lees Ferry off his bucket list

The world’s highest and lowest 4WD tracks

The highs and lows of four-wheel driving.

Five 4x4 features we could live without

A list of gimmicks our 4x4s could do without

Roothy’s first drive in Milo2

Deadlines continue to haunt Roothy as he screws together Milo2.