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Roothy's Milo 2 receives an engine transplant

An engine swap gives Roothy a sense of déjà vu.

The best new 4x4s are also the oldest

All good things take time to get right.

Dirty Work: the Milo 2 build

Experienced hands pitch in to help Roothy with the Milo 2 build

Concerns for new 4x4s not fitted with snorkels

Water worries for the snorkel-less 4x4.

LC79 and G300 are old-school tough

Two old-school brutes teach the new-age bunch a thing or two.

Fuel-use labels are riddled with problems

There’s an easy solution to the fuel-use-label dilemma.

Driver fatigue: Don't ignore the danger signs

Wake up and dont become a road safety statistic

Encounters with outback wildlife

When things go bump in the night.

What's the best thing about the outback?

The best thing about outback travel is the people you meet.

Front Runner-kitted Kia Sorento tackles the Savannah

Tackling Africa in a… Kia Sorento

Stranded in the bush: Lessons to be learned

Lost and Found, but questions remain.

Deano’s on the hunt for the ideal 4x4 bargain

Deano’s got an itch he can’t seem to scratch.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2: Technology explained

Formula One suspension technology in a mass-production ute? You bet!

Roothy visits Front Runner, South Africa

Roothy hightails it to front runner’s jo’berg factory.

Driverless cars: Pros and cons

Autonomous cars are soon to be everywhere… or are they?