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The world’s highest and lowest 4WD tracks

The highs and lows of four-wheel driving.

Five 4x4 features we could live without

A list of gimmicks our 4x4s could do without

Roothy’s first drive in Milo2

Deadlines continue to haunt Roothy as he screws together Milo2.

Updating exhaust systems for older 4x4s

An exhaust system update will increase the efficiency of an old fourbie.

Land Rover Defender will return

The Land Rover Defender may be dead, but it will live again.

Hobbies that last a lifetime

Age limits shouldn’t be put on hobbies that make us happy.

The toughest 4WD tracks in Australia

Get out there and tackle Australia’s toughest tracks.

Have modern 4x4s gone soft?

Deano takes us for a ride in a 1990 GQ patrol to find answers.

Roothy slips a new clutch into Milo 2

There’s an intimacy involved in a full vehicle rebuild.

Power and torque explained

Engine output is defined by power and torque, but which one is more important to how a 4x4 performs?

Vale Ian Glover

Paying tribute to 4WD icon, Ian Glover

Environmental effects of 4WDing

Preserving our environment is vital for the future of 4WDing.

Essential attributes of a 4x4

What makes for a capable four-wheel drive, and what doesn’t?

Australia’s atomic bomb history

Traces of Australia’s atomic bomb history remain

4x4s with less technology enhance driver engagement

The best fourbies keep the pilot fully engrossed in the experience.