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Are synthetic fuels the solution?

Don’t like the idea of electric cars? There might be an alternative.

The future of the ‘ute’ in Australia

Ute, pick-up, truck? Call them whatever you want.

Advice from an outback station owner

Station owners are fed up with folk who don’t know outback etiquette.

Separating the soft- from the proper off-roaders

Drawing a line between soft- and off-roaders.

Opinion: The thrills of work in progress

An inside look into a vehicle's development.

The limitations of electric cars

Ditching internal combustion engines for electric motors may not be all that simple.

Opinion: Distracted drivers are an accident waiting to happen

Distracted driving has joined the 'big three' of chief causes of lives lost on our roads.

Opinion: Zero tolerance makes highway travel unsafe

Doing the "Victorian Shuffle" puts motorists dangerously close together.

Opinion: Choosing the best 4x4 is subjective

Judging for 4x4OTY is based on a set criteria, but only you can pick the best fit for you.

Performance-car tuners are turning to 4x4s

Manufacturers are being driven to create go-fast performance 4x4s

Maintaining journalistic ethics and standards

How can anyone be expected to do an independent review if they are being paid by the supplier?

Smaller diesel engines are producing more power

Modern diesel engines are getting smaller but are making increasingly more power.

Most popular 4x4 opinion columns: 2017

4X4 Australia’s journos penned some divisive opinion columns this year, here are the most popular.

Choosing the right tyre for your 4x4

Tyres may be the most unappreciated part of a 4x4.

Opinions on 4x4s are changing

Attitudes towards four-wheel drivers are a changin’.