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The perfect camp spot isn’t often hard to find

It takes hard work and skillful navigation to reach the best camp spots.

Going sand driving? Then let down your bloody tyres!

Drop the pressure and stop chewing up our tracks!

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee visits old mining country with Roothy

New Roothy rattles the Grand Cherokee through some old mining country in Cloncurry.

Another Land Rover joins the 4X4 family

We've added another Land Rover to the fleet.

Toyota 70 Series Electronic Stability Control

Toyota 70 Series has many masters, and not all work for Toyota.

Payload balance is integral to safe towing

Find the right balance when towing a caravan.

Motion sickness: travelling with the family

The challenge of keeping down one’s breakfast

High Country huts need to be protected

We must all pitch in and do more to protect out High Country huts.

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee hits the tracks with Roothy

Roothy lands a surprise companion for a desert-crossing road trip.

July 2017 issue is brimming with off-road metal

It’s been a busy month at 4X4 headquarters.

Ford’s influence on the Discovery 3

Ford had a big part to play in the development of the Disco 3.

2017 Land Rover Discovery owes much to Range Rover

New-gen Disco ties Discovery, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport together.

What makes a good 4x4 tyre

A decent set of rubber can make a world of difference.

4x4s are getting bigger and heavier, but are they better?

As cars pack on the pounds, Deano discusses whether bigger really is better.

The end of diesel fuel may be nigh

Ron Moon looks at the future of the Australian fuel industry