Nissan Patrol

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Supercharged Nissan Patrol Y62: Custom 4X4OTY contender

A Nissan Patrol with more power than a Ferrari?

Nissan Patrol History

Nissan has confirmed that sales of the GU Patrol will cease this year, bringing an end to a long and proud history.

Nissan Patrol ST review

It’s one of the oldest new 4x4s you can buy, yet the GU Nissan Patrol is still a hard-working toiler. The GU – or Y61 Patrol – has been with us...

Simpson Desert app

A Simpson Desert-flavoured iPad app is available to download for free from the Apple App Store in celebration of the first motor vehicle crossin...

Custom 4x4: Y62 Nissan Patrol

With the imminent demise of the Y61- GU Patrol, soon you won’t be able to buy a diesel Nissan Patrol. Nissan Patrol Y62 owners like Ned Cakovan...

Customised Nissan Patrol GU

BJ Elliott’s introduction to four-wheel driving was in 2005 when a friend offered to take him and his partner Laura for a drive off-road.

Nissan Patrol gets V8 military might

This Nissan Patrol has been equipped with an arsenal of weapons-grade modifications, including a military-spec 6.5L V8 diesel engine.

Nissan Patrol review

It’s still not officially here yet but, finally, we’ve had the chance to really put the much anticipated new Patrol to the test on Aussie soil.

Y62 Nissan Patrol Ti review

The Y62 will soon be the only new Patrol available, so we took a spin in the price-slashed Patrol Ti.

Nissan Patrol Legend Edition

Swansong Patrol Legend marks the end of an era.

Custom 4x4: Nissan Patrol GU

This GU Patrol hails from Denmark, but can it handle the harsh Aussie outback? A 5.9L Cummins diesel and 40-inch Treps say it can!

Y62 Nissan Patrol sales soar

Demand for Y62 Patrol greater than supply

Supercharged Nissan Patrol Y62: Custom 4x4

One-of-a-kind Y62 is more capable than a locked GU and has more grunt than a Ferrari 488 GTB.

Custom Nissan GU Patrol

There’s an easy way to avoid the old Toyota versus Nissan argument – and that’s to own one of each. Well, that was Craig Perry’s approach.

Nissan GU Patrol

It’s what’s under your kilt that matters – chipped, intercooled, turbo-diesel Toyota engine gets the wind up this Nissan.