Ford Ranger

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Harrop Engineering modifies Ford Ranger

Video: An inside look at Harrop Engineering’s Ford Ranger.

Opposite Lock's Ford Ranger build

Opposite Lock has kitted up a Ford Ranger, we take a look at what it’s packing!

Ford Ranger global challenge

Australians have just 10 days to vote for their pick of the five finalists of the Ford Ranger Global Challenge.

Ford Ranger tows 2500KG caravan

We strap a 2.5-tonne caravan to the back of a Ford Ranger and send it to the hills south of Sydney.

Ford Ranger versus Mazda BT-50 Road Test

The new Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 share much in common, but are they really the same?

Ford Ranger reclaims top spot on the monthly charts

Ford Ranger is the best-selling 4x4 in September

Ford Ranger tops June 4x4 sales charts

Ford Ranger chases down Toyota Hilux

Ford Ranger dominates the September sales charts

The Ford Ranger was Australia’s best-selling vehicle in September.

Supercharged V8-powered Ford Ranger review

Ford Ranger gets a supercharged FPV V8 transplant.

Ford Ranger gets ARB treatment

A closer look at the ARB-tweaked Ford Ranger dual-cab ute.

2017 Ford Ranger: Updates announced

Ford Ranger to offer more tech as standard, as it chases down the Toyota Hilux.

Ford Ranger best-selling 4x4 in July

Ford Ranger remains ahead of Toyota Hilux on the sales charts

Tickford Ford Ranger expected to get Supashock dampers

Australian-made Supashock dampers likely for Tickford Ford Ranger

New Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The new Ford Ranger Wildtrak has arrived and Toby Hagon has the first word on the Aussie-tweaked off-road brute, now with more gear, fresh cloth...

Harrop Ford Ranger wins inaugural Custom 4x4OTY

Harrop Ford Ranger wins the 2016 Custom 4X4OTY, and MaxTrax prize-winners announced.