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4x4 road trip to Central Arnhem Land, NT

Australia’s last remaining true wilderness offers a glimpse into life before settlements and industry came.

Madigan Line with Denis Bartell, NT

In 1979, Denis Bartell followed Cecil Madigan’s route across the Simpson Desert. We took Denis back to retrace his steps.

Southeast Arnhem Land, NT

Battling bulldust to reach Arnhem Land’s secluded secrets.

Simpson Desert, NT: video

Crossing the Simpson Desert is a must-do 4x4 trip.

Kakadu Circuit, NT

Dodging crocodiles through the Northern Territory’s Top End.

Tower Rock, NT: Red Centre Hot Spots

Ron Moon looks at one of the Northern Territories hidden secrets: Tower Rock in the Red Centre

Arltunga Historical Reserve, NT: Red Centre Hot Spots

Ron and Viv Moon looks at another Northern Territory hidden gem, Arltunga Historical Reserve

Finke River and Boggy Hole, NT: Red Centre Hot Spots

A 4WD is essential to access the tricky tracks near Finke River and Boggy Hole.

Old Andado Homestead, NT: Red Centre Hot Spots

Take a break from four-wheelin at the history-rich Old Andado Homestead.

Davenport Ranges, NT: Red Centre Hot Spots

Plenty of hardcore 4x4 action to be had in the NT’s Davenport Ranges.

Owen Springs Reserve, NT: Red Centre Hot Spots

A favourite for four-wheelers looking for solitude.

West MacDonnell Ranges, NT: Red Centre Hot Spot

Revealing Central Australia’s must-see hot spots.

Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary, Northern Territory

Hidden away in the desert country north-west of Alice Springs is a must-visit wildlife sanctuary.

Ngukurr and The Ruin City, Northern Territory

Ngukurr holds many beauties, one of which is the hidden Ruin City.

Nimbi Nimbi Sinkhole, Northern Territory

Battling relentless terrain to access the hard-to-reach Nimbi Nimbi sinkhole.