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Coleman Hyperflame Stove: product test

Ronnie’s been running Coleman’s top-end camp stove for a few months now.

Amabilis Dave Duffle: product test

A heavy duty duffle bag made to cope in the harshest environments.

Mr Heater Gas Heater: product test

Ease the winter chill.

Camping tips and tricks: part 2

Tricks and techniques to enhance your campsite experience.

Camping tips and tricks

‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

Nite Ize Radiant 300 rechargeable lantern: Product test

The Radiant 300 isn’t your everyday lantern

New 4x4 gear: Waeco portable fridge, Dometic reversing camera, Ironman bullbar

Going away? We’ve got the latest gear for your next camping getaway.

Yakima LiteRider: Product test

We swap four wheels for two and test out Yakima’s all-new LiteRider

Sea To Summit Duffle: Product test

A ubiquitous piece of 4x4 touring luggage.

Creative Camping Solutions' Cutlery box: Product test

Simple box conveniently and securely locks away kitchen utensils.

Coleman Mountain View Shelter: Product test

Beat the flies and the sun

Mr Swagman Swags: Product test

Australia is the home of the swag, so it only makes sense that they should be Australian-made!

ARB camp chairs: Product test

The camp’s all set up, but where do you park your bum?

Hydropack: Product test

We may not be able to turn water to wine, but we can make polluted water drinkable!

6 essentials for travelling with kids

Must-bring items for when you camp with the kiddies.