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Kevin Richardson - The "Lion Whisperer" and his Land Rover Series 1

Being a lion keeper is not for the faint-hearted, but then, neither is owning an old Landie

2018 Land Rover Discovery TD4 SE review

Does a Land rover without a dual-range transfer case deserve to wear the Discovery badge?

Land Rover Experience 4x4 Drive in Peru

Testing Land Rover's 4x4 heritage on a drive into the deepest, darkest regions of Peru

Land Rover Experience in Peru: Photo Gallery

Venturing to all corners of Peru in a new Discovery for the Land Rover Experience.

2004 Land Rover Discovery TD5 ticks over one million kays

Roving Mechanical helps a Disco reach a milestone.

4x4 Shed: 2003 Land Rover Discovery TD5 part 3

Loads of kilometres and a few mods keep the Disco grooving.

4x4 of The Year 2018 #1: Land Rover Discovery Sd4

Discovery has all the poise of a luxury 4x4. close your eyes and you could well be in a Range Rover…

4x4 of The Year 2018 #4: Land Rover Discovery Td6

The Td6 is the big brother of the Disco range with a quieter, smoother and more relaxed demeanour

2018 4X4 Of The Year winner revealed

Six contenders made the shortlist, but only one was crowned king

2018 Land Rover Discovery Td6 HSE review

Land Rover has built a Discovery that’s new from the ground up, but is it better for the change?

4x4 wagon comparison: Everest v Trailhawk v Discovery v Prado

A trio of intercontinental rivals front up to the all-new Discovery on punishing WA terrain.

4x4 activities in January, 2018: Travel Bulletin

Pen these upcoming events into your diary for Summer

Video review: Ford Everest v Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk v Land Rover Discovery v Toyota Prado

Land Rover takes on the establishment with its all-new Discovery.

1988 Land Rover Perentie Defender 110: 4X4 Shed part 2

Perentie fever has well and truly taken hold.

Land Rover 101 custom review

Hard on the eyes for some, but a Land Rover 101 is extremely practical and makes a brilliant touring camper