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2010 Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Series review

We hope we can travel as well as this Toyota when we’re 76

Ford F250 Black Ops: 2017 Custom 4x4OTY contender

Burly Black Ops F250 is a behemoth on the back roads.

2017 LDV T60 first drive

The LDV T60 is the latest Chinese ute to arrive in Australia, but will it make an impact where previous Chinese utes have failed?

2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Series: 2017 Custom 4x4OTY contender

Purpose-built Cruiser is a gold-class tourer.

Holden LS3 Colorado: 2017 Custom 4x4OTY contender

LS3 V8-powered Colorado puts the special in special edition

Land Rover Defender 90: 2017 Custom 4x4OTY contender

Defender 90 upgraded from daily driver to weekend warrior.

Duramax V8 Nissan GU Patrol: 2017 Custom 4x4OTY contender

V8-powered GU Patrol gets a new lease on life.

Supercharged JKU Jeep Wrangler Rubicon: 2017 Custom 4x4OTY contender

Hydro Blue JKU is a prime example of money well spent.

Holden Rally Team Colorado V8 custom review

The Holden Rally Team’s V8 Colorado was purpose-built to win the Australasian Safari – but the outback had other ideas.

Nissan Patrol V8 custom review

This injected Patrol is one boosted rig that leaves the rest in its dust.

2017 Land Rover Discovery v Toyota 200 Series v Toyota Prado comparison review

Land Rover’s all-new Discovery is cutting-edge technology, but how does it compare to established 4x4 design practice?

SEMA Show 2017: Gallery part 6

Had your fill of SEMA metal yet? We haven’t!

VR46 Ford Ranger review

Special-edition VR46 Ranger brings MotoGP flair to the 4x4 ute market.

SEMA Show 2017: Gallery part 5

Indulging in the aftermarket industry’s best creations.

SEMA Show 2017: Gallery part 4

Droolworthy metal at the 2017 SEMA Show.