Bush cooking with Roothy: Pickled dogs

ROOTHY has once again parked himself in the carpark of Opposite Lock’s Caloundra garage in Queensland.

Last time he was there he fed the troops Kraut dogs; this time he has elected to dish up pickled dogs – an easy way to feed a big group!

Here are a few more campsite ideas: Ginger fish, hash browns, and pork chops with apricot.

To get the pickled dogs started, whack a bunch of hot dogs in a bubbling pot of boiling water. Once the dogs are cooked through, put them into a Thermos Shuttle Chef.

Next, chop up some rashers of bacon into thin slivers and throw them in a boiling pan. Cook the bacon through until it becomes nice and crispy.

Set the bacon to one side and slice up some dill pickles – stronger-flavoured pickles work best.

Throw the hot dog into a bun, add the pickles, smother it with mustard, and then sprinkle plenty of crispy, delicious bacon on top.

It’s a simple as that, and you’ll be able to feed the entire crew in less than 10 minutes – once the dogs are boiled, of course. Plus, it’s a cheap way to feed a big group.

Roothy even coaxed Cathy from Opposite Lock to sample one of the pickled dogs and, it’s safe to say, they tasted beaut!

Simple, cheap and tasty. 

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