Toyota Hilux Extra-Cab video review

Not tied down by a family and a tribe of kids? Then check out the Hilux Extra-Cab.

The Extra-Cab is Toyota’s first new Hilux in 10 years, which is exciting considering the brand is the best-selling 4x4 in the land.

Is it worth the wait? With Toyota’s spritely, new 2.4- and 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engines, it would seem so.

The Extra-Cab benefits from the much-improved rear wheel travel of this generation Hilux and an extremely effective traction control system specifically tuned for off-road conditions. It also has better approach and departure angles than before and more robust underbody protection. The SR Extra-Cab comes with a rear diff lock.

A 300mm longer tray than the Hilux dual-cab makes it a much better proposition for carrying motorbikes.

For a bloke without a family there’s plenty to like about the Extra-Cab HiLux. It may essentially be a two-seater, but it’s more practical in many ways than a Dual-Cab. And it’s cheaper! And if you need to carry two extra people over short distances you can, both legally and safely.

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