Toyota LandCruiser 79: What the Judges Thought

Toyota LandCruiser 79: What the Judges Thought

The 4x4 Of The Year judges share their thoughts on the awarding-winning Cruiser.

Matt -RaudonikisMatt Raudonikis: "Without doubt the best 4x4 in the group, but let down by safety and expensive price."


Dean -MellorDean Mellor: "Now with added safety features, more relaxed fifth gear and a host of other minor updates, the LC79 is better than ever. It is without doubt one of the most capable bush tourers on the market."


Norm -NeedhamNorm Needham: "Small but practical changes (like gearing and improved NVH) make a bland but good thing even better."


David -CookDavid Cook: "The addition of some tried and true tech advancements is a welcome addition to one of the most capable off-roaders in the field. The big unit is designed for one purpose, and it’s probably not the best family car when you aren’t in the bush."

Penny -WellsPenny Wells: "The improvements of traction control, hill assist, cruise control and the seat upgrade are a welcome change to a vehicle that previously had a very agricultural feel to it."


Bryan -WellsBryan Wells: "Subtle changes in all the right spots have transformed the farm truck into a serious long-term tourer."


Dan -EverettDan Everett: "If I was to set off and spend the next year or two travelling remote Australia this would without doubt be the pick. It’s rugged and simple with a nod of civility, at least compared to the Merc. And with twin lockers, solid axles and that V8 grunt it stands out among the beige-sweater crowd."


Ron -MoonRon Moon: "The truck that every capable workhorse is judged against is just as good as before but now comes with better gearing and a few more safety features."







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