Suzuki 4x4s go electric

Suzuki 4x4s go electric

With a new Jimny expected to be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show this year, Suzuki will also reveal this funky little concept it is calling the e-Survivor.

The full-electric off-roader is a stripped back pure vehicle with individual electric motors at each wheel allowing plenty of ground clearance and soft-top styling that harks back to the early LJ models.

Piranhasponsored solar SuzukiWhile we love the look of the concept, an electric-powered Suzuki 4x4 is nothing new to Australians. The Aussie Outback Solar Challenge only recently completed their crossing of the Simpson Desert in a pair of electric-converted Suzis using nothing but the power of the sun to charge the battery banks.

The Aussie Outback Solar ChallengeAussie ingenuity or quirky Japanese concepts, which would you choose?


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