Travel Bulletin: December '16

Travel Bulletin: December '16

Ron and Viv Moon’s latest news and info from Australia’s treks and tracks

Reckon you’re a decent barramundi fisherman? Then try your skill by registering for season two of the Million Dollar Fish competition. It runs from October until February 28, 2017. Last year, 10 fish were caught and $100,000 was handed out in prize money. For more information and how to enter, check out Million Dollar Fish

Cameron Corner is where the states of Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia meet. The Cameron Corner Store provides licensed accommodation, meals, telephone services, fuel, puncture repairs, minor mechanical repairs and camping. If you’re brave enough to tackle the heat, the folks at Cameron Corner offer warm hospitality (and cold beer) for their New Year’s Eve party. Where else can you celebrate New Year’s Eve in three time zones without moving? For more details, contact Fenn and Cheryl on (08) 8091 3872.

Tasmania has a wide range of attractions, from spectacular and adventurous four-wheel driving on the west coast to the scenic beauty and leisurely beachside activities on the east coast. With its rugged mountains, alpine gardens, temperate rainforests and unique wildlife, Tasmania has plenty to offer. Check out these featured 4WD tracks: Brushy Lagoon, Borradaile Plains, Southport Lagoon, and Balfour-Sandy Cape. Plenty more tracks at 4WD Tasmania

Collecting timber and starting wood fires is banned in the Sturt National Park until at least December 31, 2018. A park-wide fire ban also applies from October 1 to March 31 annually and remains in effect unless otherwise extended or removed. During fire-ban periods all campfire and solid fuel (heat beads, charcoal and briquettes) barbecues and stoves are prohibited. Gas and electric barbecues and cookers are permitted with restrictions. Penalties apply for non-compliance. Find out more at NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

The 2017 Get Together will be held on private land on the Buchan River in eastern Victoria from January 13-15. Three days of great entertainment will celebrate the very best cattlemen culture and heritage. Try or watch the hay stacking, dog high-jump, tug of war, the poetry competition or whip-cracking. Watch the famous Cattlemen’s Cup, the Buck Out and the Heritage Parade, and be entertained by great bands. Camping and hot showers will be included in your ticket price. There will be a bar and many food outlets to satisfy any taste. Those under 17 years of age get in free. For more details, visit the Mountain Cattlemens website

The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk provides a bird’s eye view of some of the tallest timber giants on Earth: WA’s majestic tingle trees. Climbing 40 metres into the forest canopy and meandering through the treetops for 600 metres, the walking trail offers spectacular views over the surrounding densely forested hills. The Tree Top Walk sits within the Walpole-Nornalup National Park and Walpole Wilderness Area, and can be accessed via the Valley of the Giants Road, Denmark. For more information, go to Department of Parks and Wildlife website

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