ARB 60-litre fridge-freezer unveiled at SEMA

THE guys from ARB were on deck at this year’s SEMA show, so we caught up with them to chat about their new fridge-freezer.

Every year, the SEMA trade show attracts some of the best automotive gear from all over the globe, and this year’s event in Las Vegas was no exception.   

ARB’s new 60-litre fridge will join its current line-up to provide a tougher option, and it’s designed to mount in an open ute bed. The stainless-steel unit utilises ARB’s current Secop compressor, but includes more volume and better materials for all-weather durability.

ARB 60-litre fridge-freezer interiorThe mounting panels incorporate tamper-resistant hardware, and all four corners are reinforced. Two anodised aluminium latches clamp the lid shut, keeping the power and temperature controls hidden and protected from the elements.

Two locking systems are provided: a standard padlock mechanism, and an electronic lock which uses a personal pin code to unlock.

ARB 60-litre fridge-freezer screen“It’s a great addition to our line-up, it’s going to allow us to add some new features for the folks who might need a little more out of their fridge from what the current generation is doing,” explained Matt Glass, ARB USA.

“The big thing [new feature] is the all-weather, it’s going to be in the back of the ute, it’s going to be able to live there and be perfectly happy no matter how long you’re gone, where you are, or how bad the weather is.”

Local pricing details are yet to be confirmed, but we expect ARB’s new fridge-freezer to be released in the first quarter of 2017. 

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