VIDEO: Roothy explains how to dispose of waste at camp

VIDEO: Roothy explains how to dispose of waste at camp

ROOTHY has returned from South Africa with a valuable piece of advice on how to dispose of your “mess” when you’re camping.

Laugh as you may, but not cleaning up after yourself is a serious problem in the bush. And those that refuse to do so are forcing parks and campsites to lock their gates, punishing the rest of us.

“Poo tickets are a problem in the bush, and it’s one more reason why they lock us out,” Roothy says.

His solution is simple: “All you do, once you’ve finished your business, is set fire to the toilet paper. It’s so easy.”

Dig a hole, do your business, light a fire, cover it up. That’s it!

Thankfully it’s a simulated demonstration, and Roothy is only burning dunny paper. Phew. 

The video reminds us of this unintentionally hilarious video uploaded to YouTube last year. 

Who can forget Sherbrooke Community Radio President Jim McNabb’s instructional video educating careless campers on how to properly clean up their mess when out bush?

The three-minute video explains, much to Jim’s frustration, how easy it is to correctly go number two when you don’t have a loo.

“Unfortunately, there seems to be a generation that has some simple problems with their mentality,” was Jim’s summation of the problem.

If the videos teach us anything, it’s that we need to clean up after ourselves if we want tracks around the country to remain open. It’s a no-brainer.

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