Ford Ranger global challenge

Ford Ranger global challenge

Australians have just 10 days to vote for their pick of the five finalists of the Ford Ranger Global Challenge.

The finalists in this tough-truck challenge – announced at this year's Australian International Motor Show – were given ten days to put an all-new Ford Ranger 4X4 through a series of punishing tests in their quest to win a Ford Ranger 4x4 XLT double cab.

Recording each of their unique challenges was a professional camera crew, with footage of each challenge now available live on the Ford Ranger Global Challenge website (

Voters can choose from the following challenges:

Caleb the Chippy (SA) Challenge: Caleb sought to prove the all-new Ranger's ‘Built Ford Tough’ claim by putting it through a punishing, non-stop 40-hour endurance test.

Far North Fisherman Terry (Qld) Challenge: Terry put the all-new Ford Ranger to work in his fisheries surveying business located in the wilds of far-north Queensland.

The Car Crusher (Vic) Challenge: The ‘car crusher’ tested the all-new Ranger to its limits during the daily grind of running his pig farm.

Action John (WA) Challenge: Action John tested if the all-new Ford Ranger could survive the daily punishment of working in his freight company, located in north-west WA.

Skier Steve (Vic) Challenge: Skier Steve tested if the Ford Ranger could survive the hard work his Falls Creek's company dished out during Victoria's icy snow season.

Following the Australian leg of this competition, the Ford Ranger Global Challenge will continue a global roll-out through Thailand and South Africa before moving to Europe and South America.


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