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Hill-stall recoveries

Steep hills can lead to catastrophic damage if attacked incorrectly. Here’s how to tackle them safely.

How to: Winch redirection

Through the art of redirection, your winch can become an incredibly powerful tool.

How to: Using exhaust jacks

Exhaust Jacks can be a serious tool in you recovery arsenal.

How to: Using a high-lift jack

A high-lift jack is one of the most useful tools in a recovery kit, but it’s also one of the most dangerous.

How to: Double line pull winching

Make your winch twice as powerful, with five minutes’ work.

How to service a 4x4 winch

If you can turn an Allen key, you can service your own winch.

4X4 recovery guide: winching

Winching incorrectly can have deadly consequences. Here are some tips to you get home safely.

Recovery boards comparison

Which recovery board will save the day when you're stuck in sand, mud, snow, or the rocky stuff?

4X4 recovery guide: recovery boards

Recovery boards can be an easy way out of sticky situations. But they need to be used correctly. Here’s how to get the most out of your recovery...

4X4 recovery guide: the snatch

Snatch recoveries can be extremely dangerous if done incorrectly. But done the right way, they are a vital part of safe four-wheel driving.

4X4 recovery guide: recovery kits

You can go bush without a recovery kit, but you really shouldn’t? Part 2 of our recovery guide series explains what to pack in a recovery kit.

4X4 recovery guide: the basics

4X4 Australia is kicking off a series of tried and true vehicle recovery techniques to keep you safe and on-track.

Projecta HP2000

A portable power pack could save you from side-of-the-road embarrassment.

Sealing a puncture

A puncture repair kit can get you travelling again in no time.

Seal-lock emergency repair kit

The SEAL-LOCK Emergency Repair Kit will get you out of any sticky situation.