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Rated recovery points explained

To handle the enormous load forces involved in a winch or snatch-strap recovery, you’ll need a rated recovery point.

12-volt winch test: Results

Breakages, smoke and huge loads; this is the ultimate 12-volt winch shootout.

Runva EWX 9500-Q: 12-volt winch test

Contender 7: Cheapest winch at test has the highest horsepower rating.

Bushranger Seal 9.5TH: 12-volt winch test

Contender 6: The Bushranger digs deep to try and steal a win.

Thunder 9500: 12-volt winch test

Contender 5: Macho-looking winch is a solid all-rounder.

TJM Torq Winch 9500: 12-volt winch test

Contender 4: Bigger ain’t necessarily better

Sherpa Mustang 9500: 12-volt winch test

Contender 3: Sherpa Mustang proves looks can be deceiving.

Warn Magnum 10K-S: 12-volt winch test

Contender 2: Can the Warn Magnum fire a winning shot?

Warn Zeon 10-S: 12-volt winch test

Contender 1: Is the dearest winch at test the best?

12-volt winch comparison review: Video

Seven winches tested: the ultimate 12-volt winch comparison.

Off-road jacks explained

The good, the bad, and the downright dangerous. Everything you need to know about off-road jacks.

Vehicle Orientation and why it's important

Make the most of your campsite with these easy tips.

What to do when your recovery gear breaks

How to escape a world of hurt when your recovery gear breaks in the bush.

Recovery guide: Spare Tyre Ground Anchor

Fresh out of ideas? There is one last-ditch effort, but it’s a doozy.

How to use a chainsaw correctly

Chainsaws are an efficient way to clear a track, but there’s method to the madness