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The latest gear on the 4x4 market

Get your rig ready for summer with these new aftermarket products

Lightforce Camp Light: Product test

This strong string will light your site at night.

Pro-Wave 150W inverter: Product test

Pro-Wave inverter packs 240-volt AC power in a handy package.

Eight-way fridge comparison

Eight fridges, thousands of high-tech recordings and a wild card to ruffle a few feathers – it’s the ultimate fridge test.

iDrive throttle tuner: Product test

Sharpen throttle response with an iDrive Throttle Tuner.

Dual Battery System: Product test

We convert a Troopy into a portable charging station.

Flashlube Catch Can Pro product test

Keep your common-rail diesel engine fresh with the Flashlube Catch Can Pro.

Companion LED Strip lights: Product test

LED strip lights seem to be all the rage. Ron checks out Companion’s latest offering.

GME TX3350 UHF Radio: Product test

A muffled two-way radio can be dangerous. GME has a fix, with its TX3350 offering clear sound, 80 channels and full-function lCD Controller.

The Cobb Cooker: Product test

Cook a chook in less than two hours, without needing a campfire!

Lightforce LED215 product test

How do Lightforce’s new LED215 driving lights perform on bush roads?

WAECO CDF-11 fridge/freezer product test

A portable fridge and freezer that’s perfect for day trips.

Redarc Gauges product test

Timing is everything, and Redarc’s new gauges have landed right on time.

12-volt air compressor comparison

What’s the best 12-volt air compressor for your 4x4?

LED light bars comparison

LED light bars – are they a bright option? We put them to the 4X4 test to find out.