Cooking concepts: Snow Peak fire pit and Jikaro table

Snow Peak fire pit and Jikaro table

THIS system is proving to be a winner for off-road adventurers. In a nutshell, it’s a foldable fire pit that’s lightweight and fairly durable – perfect for heating up camp and roasting the marshies.

Add the grill or hot plate on top and you’ve got yourself a great little cooking system. You’ll get around an hour or so of burn time with a full pit of fire before you have to top up the coals or wood.

While adjusting cooking temperatures is an art with this system, you’ll find this thing will grill anything from veggies to kebabs in spectacular fashion. Apart from boiling the billy, though, it’s pretty much limited to grilling only, which can hamper its versatility. Folding flat to about 50mm thick means it’s not taking up much space when you’re packing.

If you want a more elaborate set-up there are plenty of pieces to the puzzle, and the Jikaro table gives you the ultimate platform to work with.

The fire pit sets up very easily, but it’s fiddly to do the whole lot. In saying that, it’s very well designed and put together, and I doubt you’ll find a more elaborate set-up that folds down to bugger-all.

Versatility: 2/5
Running cost: 4/5
Set-up (time and difficulty): 3/5
Weight and ease of storage: 5/5
Clean-up and maintenance: 5/5
Strength and durability: 4/5
RRP: $210, medium fire pit (tested); $360 plus postage, Jikaro table
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