Super Power Booster battery: product test

Super power booster battery

A FLAT battery ain’t a pleasant thing, especially when you’re out in the bush on your own.

Fortunately, the last time I tried to crank over my engine without success I was in the company of several other four-wheel drivers, one of whom grabbed a Super Power Booster out of his glovebox, hooked it up to my starting battery, and had the engine fired up in no time – it was that easy.

Super Power Booster battery charging a carI had about 1500km of solo driving ahead of me, and the thought of another flat-battery situation on my Pat Malone was not my idea of a fun 4WD getaway, so I dropped in on Jonathan Oliver at ARB Broken Hill who hooked me up with the latest Super Power Booster.

When Jonathan handed me the box I thought it must’ve been empty, as this thing is seriously light. It might be just 1.5kg, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lightweight; it packs a powerful 20Ah punch, with a start current of 450A and a peak current of 900A.

Super Power Booster battery portable chargerThat’s enough spark (so it’s claimed) to be able to start a diesel engine up to 4.5 litres in capacity, or a petrol engine up to 7.0 litres in capacity. The Super Power Pack is supplied with 240V AC and 12V DC charging cables (so you can charge it off your vehicle’s accessory outlet), as well as a lead with alligator clamps for vehicle battery connection.

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It’s incredibly easy to use and features reverse polarity protection (with alarm), short circuit protection, overload protection, overload current protection, over-charge protection and a claimed six-month standby time.

Super power booster battery charging iPad.jpgAdditional features include a 12V accessory outlet, two USB power outlets (for charging phones, tablets and the like), a pair of LED lights, a digital voltage display and a handy carry handle.

Measuring just 170x127x100mm, the Super Power Booster is now a permanent resident in my vehicle’s glovebox. In case you’re wondering, like Henry Ford’s Model T, it comes in black.

Available from:
RRP: $298

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