Basic survival kit contents

Basic survival kit contents

The best survival skill you can have is the ability to improvise. However, packing a few survival items in your camping kit will go a long way in a bind.

• Candles and cotton balls are two fuel sources that are easy to light.
• A flint, lighter and waterproof matches provide three ways to start a fire if the others should fail.

• An aluminium bottle can not only be used to store water but boil it as well.
• Water purification tablets for sterilising water for drinking.
• Plastic bags and sheets can help to extract and store water.

First aid kitSHELTER
• Emergency blanket or poncho and rope serve double duty.

• Emergency whistle, torch and mirror.

• Food ration packs, plus fishing line and hooks.

• Bright marking tape can be used to retrace your steps and provide rescuers a path to follow.
• A compass to help find your bearings.

• Knife, first-aid kit and a torch.

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