Sol all-weather fire cubes: Product test

Sol all-weather fire cubes: Product test

There’s no shortage of chemical fire lighters on the market. Many of us use them as an easy way to get a fire going when kindling is in short supply. So it’s nice to see something new that actually adds value to a product line that we already use.

The SOL (short for Survive Outdoors Longer) All-Weather Fire Cubes are individually wrapped, have a 10-12 minute burn time, and are windproof and water resistant. The bonus is that the Fire Lite Kit comes with its own SOL Fire Lite Sparker to light the fire cubes, so you don’t even need matches to spark ’em up.

Sol all weather fire cubes burningTo test the kit, we put an old-school kidney cup full of water (500ml) over one Fire Cube and bubbles formed in five minutes, while water vapour arrived in just 10 minutes. All from one little cube.

Boiling waterIt’s about time someone came up with a non-toxic, smokeless and odourless fire lighter that will stay lit in all weather conditions. The kit includes six individually wrapped Fire Cubes, plus the Fire Lite sparker.

We say: Reliable, all-weather and awesome!
Cost: $21.95
Available from:

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