Nissan Patrol ST review

It’s one of the oldest new 4x4s you can buy, yet the GU Nissan Patrol is still a hard-working toiler.

The GU – or Y61 Patrol – has been with us for 19 years, but its days are numbered.

The GU Patrol might be old, but in many ways it’s the perfect 4x4 touring vehicle. It’s big and accommodating, well-proven and adaptable, and it has limited gimmicks – the likes of which could leave you stranded in a remote place.

Sure, the powertrain is underdone by modern standards and the safety is lacking, but get over those factors and you have the basis for a top off-roader. This type of vehicle is becoming harder to find in new-car showrooms and the GU is one we’ll miss when it’s gone.


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