US Toyota Tundra ute review

US Toyota Tundra ute review

It’s import-only but this US Toyota ute offers enough spark to warrant ordering a container.

Toyota’s Tundra is big and bold, a full-sized Texas pick-up designed for all seasons and all roads to counter the likes of Ford’s F150.

Thanks to Queensland’s Performax, the V8-engined, four-wheel drive ute is now here on Australian highways and tracks. It’s an impressive bit of kit.

Some Yanks consider this big Toyota hauler a bit too car-like to be a proper truck. Yet here, the Tundra may fit just right. It is, as Performax suggests, a worthwhile alternative to cutting and shutting a LandCruiser Sahara into a four-door ute. And the American-built Toyota is just as competent on bitumen, dirt or sand.


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