Land Rover LRX review

It's not often you get to drive a concept vehicle - especially on public road. Andrew Frankel was lucky enough to nab a drive of Land Rover's all-new hybrid LRX concept in New York.

The Land Rover LRX is only the second concept produced in the 60 year history of the Solihull marque.

The first, the Range Stormer of 2004, apparently begat the Range Rover Sport, but the design changed dramatically by the time the vehicle went into production.

This new LRX concept, recently displayed at the Melbourne Motor Show, made its debut at the Detroit show in January where the press dutifully asked if it would ever get built.

This, of course, was the cue for LR's spin machine to roll out its prepared answers: 'it represents an interesting direction'; 'we're not confirming anything right now'; and 'internally we'd like to do it but we need to prove the business case first.'

Oh please. If you can't confirm that there's a business case for a Land Rover as good-looking as this, that will do 5.6L/100km and emit minimal CO 2, you need to go back to business school.

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