Toyota Fortuner Crusade off-road

Based on the same platform as the rugged Hilux ute, the Toyota Fortuner is built to tackle serious off-roading and that hardware’s backed up with the latest software to help.

Make no mistake, this is no ‘soft roader’ – it’s a real four-wheel drive, with a dual-range 4x4 system, generous ground clearance, and loads of suspension travel.

The ATRC traction control system was developed in Australia and – as we found on 4x4 Of The Year – that testing really shows in how well it works in the bush. For those of you determined to push things beyond the ATRC’s limits, there’s also a locking rear diff but we reckon most won’t need it.

Climbing over Outback tracks is one thing; surviving the hard knocks is another, and the Fortuner packs solid underbody protection into the package

When it comes to river crossings, the Fortuner boasts a 700mm wading depth, and if the climbs in or out are steep, the generous approach and departure angles mean the bodywork won’t be at risk.

All up, the Toyota Fortuner Crusade is set to tackle almost any terrain.

Click here to see the Toyota Fortuner Crusade tow the Patriot X1 and view it's features.



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