World record for the longest 4X4 convoy

4x4 convey world record

ON October 15 this year the little seaside town of Lancelin in Western Australia attempted to set a Guinness World Record for the longest 4x4 convoy.

The previous record of 154 vehicles (from a starting field of 411) was set by Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co. in Doha, Qatar, on November 21, 2014.

Hosted by the Lancelin District Community Association, organiser Kym Illman said: “From just one Facebook post on the official Lancelin page a few months ago, we had over 180 people quickly respond and express interest.”

4x 4-convey -world -record -attemptThe post generated such a keen interest from the West Australian 4WD fraternity that, “we had to cap the number of entries at 500 cars for this year to ensure the town could handle the influx”.

The day kicked off at 7.00am with breakfast at the Lancelin Beach Hotel for VIP ticket holders, while the incredibly long procession of 4WDs were shuffled into position by marshals for a ‘Show and Shine’ judged by Ray Cully and Mark Haffenden from Eureka 4WD Training.

4x 4-convey -world -record -linesWith a police escort, the nearly 8km-long convoy of vehicles wound their way through the streets of Lancelin before forming rows in the assembly area at the base of the dunes.

At around 1:00pm, an explosion of car horns and cheers sent the convoy off behind an official pace car to control the convoy speed and ensure everyone stayed on the assigned course.

The end result was an impressive 448 vehicles crossing the designated finish line. A spectacular sight to behold and one that can be viewed on 4X4 Australia’s Facebook page.

4x 4-convey -world -record -start -lineCongratulations to Lancelin and all those who provided support, including the police, fire and ambulance services, to ensure a safe and steady achievement of the world record.

Organisers will have to wait until Guinness verifies the record before Lancelin can lay claim to the title, but given all the hard work put in to ensure compliance with all the Guinness requirements, it’s certainly looking like the WA 4WD community has driven into the record books.

Keep an eye out for our feature story covering the event in detail.

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