Walkinshaw kits out the Holden Colorado

Walkinshaw Group Holden Colorado

With the impending demise of Australian-made Holdens, the Walkinshaw Group has turned its specialised talents to other vehicles and is targeting the popular one-tonne ute market.

Already the importer and distributor of the Tata Xenon ute, the company has waved its hand over the Holden Colorado with upgrade kits available in both Xtreme High Rider (for off-road use), and Xtreme Low Rider (for the performance market) specs.

The Walkinshaw High Rider kit raises the front of the vehicle 50mm, and lowers the rear by 15mm. The Low Rider kit lowers the utes rear by about 30mm.

Bilstein dampeners, with special Walkinshaw developed valving, are combined with specific springs front and rear.

“Our goal has been to make both cars better to drive in general, with greater focus on their specific purposes, with the Xtreme Low Rider a better handling car around town while the High Rider is well mannered on the road and more capable off-road than the stock vehicle,” Tom Reynolds from Walkinshaw Automotive said.

Unique Walkinshaw Automotive 19x9-inch forged alloy wheels in Graphite Black fitted with 255/55R10 Cooper Zeon LTZ tyres smarten up the look of the ute along with Xtreme decals and Walkinshaw daytime running lights (DRLs) as an option.

The High Rider kit costs $6,990 fitted while the DRLs add $795.

All products have been designed and engineered by Walkinshaw Automotive to meet the standards and high levels of quality that would be expected from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

The package has been tested to ensure there is no impact on the vehicles GVM or load carrying capacity,ESC or speedometer calibration. Walkinshaw backs up the full manufacturer warranty on
the vehicle.

For information on fitting and availability contact Walkinshaw Automotive on
(03) 9265 9700.

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