Thorburns Recovery Points: Product test

Thorburns Recovery Points

IF YOU pedal a 70 Series Cruiser, there’s a (relatively) new kid on the block punching out sets of recovery points ideally suited to all 75, 76, 78 and 79 Series.

Manufactured from 350-grade laser-cut 12mm mild steel, the kit comes with two recovery closed eyes and all necessary hardware (8.8 high-tensile bolts, nuts and spacers, depending on exact model) for an easy-fit solution directly into front-end existing chassis holes.

Thorburns Recovery Points not attachedRegardless of the bullbar brand or other parts fitted under your 70 Series – in my case, a 63mm tube Opposite Lock bar with an alloy Front Runner bash plate t – the Thorburns kits will more than likely fit, as the company has more than a keen interest in the marque (it owns a 78 and a 79 Series and has measured all relevant info).

While it has been in the metal fabrication industry for decades, Thorburns has recently plunged into specialised parts for 70s.

However, if you drive a Lada Niva, Cherry, Suzuki or even a Nissan, we suggest that you probably should shop elsewhere.

Thorburns Recovery Points close upI took the plunge and bolted a set of recovery eyes to my own Troopcarrier and was relieved it didn’t require amodifications to either my bar or bash plate, like the last set I purchased and had to return.

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The blue, powdercoated eyes protrudethe perfect amount from the bar work to enable a rated 4.75-tonne shackle to pass through and also allow a strap or winch cable to take on a fair angle without fouling on the bar’s extremities.

Thorburns Recovery Points front facingLoad testing has damaged the chassis (at 15-tonnes!) before the recovery eyes so there’s no official SWL rating as yet. Thorburns recommends use with an 8000lb strap and 4.75T rated shackles.

Now, given the rare chance I may get bogged – oh, who am I kidding? – I’ll be much more relaxed knowing I’ve got a decent pair of recovery eyes to share the load between the chassis rails.

RRP: $170 (76, 78 & 79); $175 (75)


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