Test Bluetooth Navigator

The Dual GPS adds GPS capability to all Bluetooth enabled phones, tablets and laptops, as tested by Ron Moon.

  • The Dual XGPS150  works with any device that supports Bluetooth SPP (serial Port Profile)
  • Simple set-up: just pair the receiver with the device you want to use it with
  • This small device weighs just a few grams, and is rechargeable
  • Strong satellite connection, no matter the tree cover or other obstructions


The universal Bluetooth GPS receiver allows people to buy devices without cellular and mapping capability. The Dual XGPS150  works not only with iPads and their Apple products, but includes Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops running Windows, OSX, Linux, Blackberry, or Android.


The receiver is less than six-centimetres square and one-centimetre thick and weighs just a few grams. It has four, simple controls that include the battery, Bluetooth, and GPS signal indicators, and a power off button. The Dual XGPS150 has a four-hour recharging time from flat, and lasts about 8 hours.  A tiny switch hidden in a mini-USB connector compartment below the power button toggles the unit between Apple and non-Apple devices.


  • Set-up is simple
  • Connects to satellites quickly and doesn’t lose connection
  • Compact and reliable


  • Must check the price to avoid a rip off

PRICE: $140


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