Bush cooking with Roothy: Ginger fish

ROOTHY has an endless supply of seafood recipes.

We’ve already seen his version of beer-battered fish and chips, chilli prawns and coconut-infused fish, but this time Roothy’s grilled up some fish with ginger.

The dish can easily be cooked on a campfire, aka the chicken and mushroom in al-foil treat Roothy concocted a while back. However, if you’ve no fire, the Gladiator Series gas stove does the job just fine.

Pretty much any fish – preferably one you’ve caught yourself – will taste great. And Roothy’s selected a nice cut of Barra – one he hasn’t caught himself – for this demonstration.

Grate some lime rind into a bowl, followed by some lime juice and equal parts soy sauce. It’s then time for the recipe’s secret weapon: a few spoons of good old breakfast marmalade. Sprinkle in some chilli flakes and grate some ginger in and you’re almost done. Cook the mixture on a low heat until it warms up.

Lay the cut of fish on a spread of aluminium foil and lather both sides with the dressing. Then wrap it tightly and place the package in a campfire (or on the stove) and cook for approximately 10 minutes either side.

The juices will flow through the fish and give it a rich, delicious flavour.

It mightn’t have the kind of presentation you’d see at a five-star joint, but when you’re out bush it’s the flavour that matters. And this dish is packing plenty!

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