Bush Cooking

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Recipe: Maz's layered garden salad

When the weather warms up, it’s time for friends and family to gather around the barbecue and enjoy good company and food.

Recipe: Guinness damper

4X4 Australia’s roving Irishman adds a favourite flavour to bush damper.

Recipe: Tropical mango trifle

This delicious trifle makes anyone feel like they are in the tropics and it tastes as good as it looks.

Recipes: Mexican-Style Ceviche

Something fishy is cooking in the camp kitchen.

Recipe: Persian style rice

Prefer it served warm, but it is just as nice cold. Add some cooked chicken and make it a meal in one.

Bush Cooking with Roothy: Apple and beetroot salad

Salad for dinner? Hear us out.

Recipe: Spaghetti and beef mince pasta bake

A twist on the Greek pastitsio.

Recipes: Banana delight cake

Easy Moist Banana Cake

Recipe: No-Bake Cottage Cheese Dessert

A cheesecake with a cottage twist.

Recipe: Quasi taco pie

With no tortilla, this recipe is a twist on tacos — a great dish for the camp oven and one the kids will enjoy.

Recipe: The doctor's apricot chicken

Just what the doctor ordered.

Roothy's Best Bush Cooking Vids of 2016

The five most popular Bush Cooking videos of 2016.

Cooking concepts: Snow Peak fire pit and Jikaro table

It’s a foldable fire pit that’s lightweight and fairly durable - Perfect!

Cooking concepts: Dreampot Thermal Cooker

Thermal cooking with a set-up like a DreamPot is a real contender in the camping fraternity these days.

Cooking concepts: Hillbilly cooking stand

Great bit of kit to have when it comes to cooking straight over the coals.