Bush Cooking

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Recipe: Honey and Garlic Chicken

Campsite version of an all-time favourite dish.

Recipe: Date, golden syrup and orange scones

Morning tea breaks just got that little bit better.

Recipe: Pull-apart bread

Viv’s cheesy garlic delight is sure to be a camp favourite.

Recipe: Chow Mein

Viv’s unique take on the classic Chinese stir-fried noodle dish.

Recipe: Spam fritters & crumbed Spam slices

Making the most of the popular war-time dish! Recipe Spam fritters & crumbed Spam slices...

Recipe: Hoisin chicken with coconut rice

Delicious oven-cooked meal to feed the family

Recipe: Bluebush Rabbit Stew

A recipe with a weird combination of ingredients, but it works.

Camp kitchen essentials

Staying sane, well fed and organised on off-road expeditions demands you pack your equipment and food well. Here’s how the experts do it

Recipe: Maz's layered garden salad

When the weather warms up, it’s time for friends and family to gather around the barbecue and enjoy good company and food.

Recipe: Guinness damper

4X4 Australia’s roving Irishman adds a favourite flavour to bush damper.

Recipe: Tropical mango trifle

This delicious trifle makes anyone feel like they are in the tropics and it tastes as good as it looks.

Recipes: Mexican-Style Ceviche

Something fishy is cooking in the camp kitchen.

Recipe: Persian style rice

Prefer it served warm, but it is just as nice cold. Add some cooked chicken and make it a meal in one.

Bush Cooking with Roothy: Apple and beetroot salad

Salad for dinner? Hear us out.

Recipe: Spaghetti and beef mince pasta bake

A twist on the Greek pastitsio.