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4X4 Of The Year 2015

2014 may have been a quiet year for new 4x4s,but lightning storms, rain and mud couldn’t stop us from taking the best of them on a week-long tes...

Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque: Recall

Recall issued for 2017 Discovery Sport and 2016/2017 Range Rover Evoque.

ARB camp chairs: Product test

The camp’s all set up, but where do you park your bum?

Readers’ 4X4s: D-Max, Rubicon, Amarok

Readers Rigs’, Part 14: User-submitted 4x4s.

How to back up a trailer

Take the stress out of reversing a trailer.

Travel Bulletin: February '17

Looking to get away but not sure where to go? You’ll be spoiled for choice with this list.

Halogen vs HID vs LED driving lights

Wondering what all the hype is about HID and LEDs compared to good old halogens? We shed the light.

Roothy visits Front Runner, South Africa

Roothy hightails it to front runner’s jo’berg factory.

African Adventure: Africa

The off-road trails through Botswana and Namibia perfectly encapsulate Africa’s majestic outdoors.

Custom Duramax Nissan GU Patrol review

1200Nm Duramax V8 and 37-inch tyres make for one hell of a family tourer.

How to choose the right aftermarket wheels for your 4x4

Choosing the right set of wheels can make or break your 4x4. FUEL AUTOTEK’s Guide will help determine which wheels are best.

Ironman 4x4’s Flinders Trip: SA

Shooting kitted-up 4x4s isn’t all fun and games, but it sure beats being in the office – as we found on this Flinders adventure with Ironman 4x4.

Fuel Comparison: Diesel, petrol or LPG?

With the fuel debate raging, we take two 4x4s and crunch the numbers for diesel, petrol and LPG.

Custom Toyota LandCruiser VDJ76R review

A life-altering accident gave birth to one of the most unique LandCruisers to ever hit the tracks.

Piranha Off Road's core product range

Piranha Off Road’s catalogue of core aftermarket products.