Jeep JK Wrangler review

Since its debut, Jeep’s JK Wrangler remains the ultimate off-road 4X4 that can be bought straight off the showroom floor.

That’s thanks to its heavy-duty construction, live front and rear axles , coil spring suspension and the availability of front and rear locking diffs and swaybar disconnect on the Rubicon model. Yet enthusiasts always want more, and if having the most capable OEM vehicle doesn’t cut it, there’s a world of aftermarket equipment available for the JK to make it almost unstoppable. The amount of gear you can buy for Jeeps is incredibly extensive, as is the number of modification possibilities.

The traditional body-on-chassis construction of the Wrangler, combined with its removable roof, doors and windscreen make it a virtual Meccano set of the automotive world. Enthusiasts unbolt what the factory supplied, replacing it with kit from aftermarket companies – all in the name of tailoring their vehicle to their needs, desires and aspirations.

The number of companies producing stuff for the Wrangler is staggering. They make everything from seat covers and body bling to complete suspension systems and engine conversions. If you can think of it, it’s probably available. This gallery is a stunning display of the depth of mods and innovation available to Jeeps, as seen in the February 2013 issue of4X4 Australia.


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