Hummer H3 review

There's no mistaking the lineage of the Hummer H3.

The latest Hummer may be the smallest of the three Hummers available but its heritage remains true to the military Humvee that won its stripes amongst the shifting sands of the Middle East during the first Gulf war.

Mind you, when I drove one of these bare boned military creatures a few years ago, I wasn't all that impressed with the cost, the sheer size, the smallness of the cabin or the vehicle's so called 'unstoppable' off-road capability that had it struggling on our narrow mountain tracks. Then again, maybe it hadn't been designed for Alpine trails!

Anyway, the Hummer H3 is a different kettle of fish and while most will never see anything rougher than the detour of a roadwork's diversion we decided we'd throw the Hummer into the deep end. It would be the photographer's workhorse for a four week trip from Sydney to Perth then back to Kalgoorlie where the real back road adventure started.

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