The VRS Winch range – Durable, affordable and reliable

VRS Winch range

With over 25 years as one of Australia’s leading winch distributors, the decision was made to develop a new range of winches with the main requirement being to produce a winch of a high standard at and quality an affordable price. Many years of research and testing has lead to the development of the VRS winch range.

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Years of testing the VRS winches rangeYears of testing has proven the VRS range of winches

The main features of the VRS winches include: 5.3hp motor, 500amp fully sealed contractor, 3 stage planetary gears, double lipped spring assisted drum seals, automatic cone brake and stainless steel hardware. What does this mean?

Performance, reliability and a really great product at an affordable price.

While the VRS winch range was not designed with bells and whistles, it features quality components for reliability and performance and with already many thousands in the field, most being tested and tried in all conditions, the VRS range of winches has proven to be a great product with many satisfied customers.

VRS winch range now with IP68-water and dust rating.VRS winch range now with IP68 water and dust rating.

The VRS range is constantly being tested and developed and recently extra detail was given to the seals and the components to ensure longevity and reliability and now we are very proud to announce the VRS range joins a very select group of winches that offer IP68 water and dust rating.

The IP68 rating increases the durability and reliability dramatically over products that don’t feature this rating.

VRS – Compact in design and dimensions – fit most bull bars.

VRS winches are available in two sizes 9500lb and 12500lb, both have compact dimensions meaning they are designed to fit all winch compatible bull bars.VRS Compact in design and dimensions fit most bull bars.

The VRS winches are also complemented with either a steel aircraft grade wire cable and roller fairlead or a synthetic rope and hawse fairlead.

VRS winches are available throughout Australia in over 300 locations and are supported by a national company with many years selling quality products.

 The VRS winch range come with an Australia wide limited lifetime warranty, this give you the confidence of knowing that the VRS product range will be supported for years to come.

A great winch is only half the story. The after sales support behind the product will give you the confidence of this winch long after the other companies have closed up shop. Every component of the VRS winches is available as a spare part.

VRS Recovery range.Full recovery kitFor the best recovery results complement your VRS winch with the full range of VRS recovery gear which includes, tree trunk protectors, snatch straps, drag chains, winch cable dampeners and complete recovery kits.

For more information on the full range of VRS recovery products visit or call 1300 669 951.

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