Customised Nissan Patrol GU

BJ Elliott’s introduction to four-wheel driving was in 2005 when a friend offered to take him and his partner Laura for a drive off-road.

For a first-timer, rock-crawling can be daunting. However, BJ and Laura found the experience so profound that just two days later, they bought their first 4X4 – a standard 1990 DX 4.2 diesel GQ Patrol wagon.

In no time at all, the words ‘standard’ and ‘GQ’ would never again be used together to describe BJ’s toy. BJ was serious about mastering his skills on increasingly challenging terrain and, once he’d gotten the hang of off-roading, it was time to upgrade.

BJ’s new ride was a pristine 2010 GU7 Ti 4800 auto Patrol. He has since perfected a beast of a vehicle with this GU, as seen in the April 2013 issue of4X4 Australia.


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