Toyota Fortuner Crusade Features

Getting away from it all doesn’t have to mean roughing it, and the top-of-the-range Toyota Fortuner Crusade comes loaded with features and mod-cons to make escaping the rat-race easier and more comfortable than you’d imagine.

In the Crusade model, leather trim is accompanied by climate control and there’s even a front cooler box, so you won’t be sweating at your destination on even the hottest Outback days.

With a 220V power outlet, forgetting your phone’s car charger needed be a worry – though what you need it for out here is another thing – and for those trips when you don’t have the whole family with you, the standard seven-seat layout can be quickly transformed to suit your needs.

Helping keep you on track there’s satellite navigation as standard, while the digital radio means you won’t have to chase the frequency as you drive from border to border. The seven-inch touchscreen in the dash doubles as the reversing camera’s display, making parking or picking up a trailer a breeze.

Wherever you’re going, the Toyota Fortuner Crusade will get you there in style.

Click here to see the Toyota Fortuner Crusade tow the Patriot X1 and view it's off-road capabilities.


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