Bowler Bulldog: Land Rover Defender with supercharged Jaguar F-Type V6

BOWLER Motorsport, the team that has made and sold competition rally cars since 1985, has thrown a supercharged Jaguar F-Type V6 engine into a short-wheelbase Land Rover Defender double-cab.

The result? This Bowler Bulldog, a Defender rally car with forced-induction grunt.

Check out the video and see for yourself, but it’s safe to say it handles dirt roads and jumps with aplomb.

Bowler Land Rover Defender Jaguar F Type V6
Bowler has had a rich history in off-road motorsport. In 1989, the ’88 Tomcat became favoured for national trial and hill rally events in the UK.

Land Rover Defender 110 Adventure

The Wildcat, an evolution of the Tomcat, was developed and made headlines at the 2000 Dakar Rally in Africa. It went on to be successful at events including the French Baja, the British Hill Rally Championship, and the British Baja National Championship.

The rally-focused company then built the Nemesis in 2008, which took design cues – grille, headlights and rear lights – from the Range Rover Sport. This also led to the EXR road-focused version.

Bowler land rover defender
The partnership between Bowler and Land Rover began in 2012 and the fruits of which are plentiful.

The Bulldog is claimed to generate approximately 440hp (328kW).

2019 Land Rover Defender ute

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