Toyota Hilux tops November 4x4 sales chart

Toyota Hilux tops November's 4x4 sales charts

THE Toyota Hilux has regained top spot on the 4x4 sales charts, after shifting 2905 units in November.

However, the evergreen Hilux is still nipping at the heels of the Ford Ranger on the year-to-date charts (27,851 versus 28,009). With a difference of 158 units, the Hilux may have left its charge to the top of the charts too late.

Nissan’s Navara (1577 units), Holden’s Colorado (1242) and Mitsubishi’s Triton (1205) round out the top five.

Ford Ranger driving downhillNot only do the Hilux and Ranger lead the 4x4 sales charts, when you add 4x2 variants to the mix they are the best-selling vehicles on the overall market.

The Hilux (4x4 and 4x2 variants) sits atop the overall tree with 3839 units finding new homes in November. The Ranger is a close second with 3410 (4x4 and 4x2) units, while the ever-popular Corolla retains the bronze medal with 3245 units sold.

This is indicative of a growing trend toward Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs). In November, 2016, private sales of LCVs rose 10 per cent compared to the same time last year.

Toyota Hilux driving downhill“Private buyers are increasingly using these as a weekday workhorse and a weekend recreational vehicle,” Mr Weber said.

“The growing sophistication of these vehicles with their passenger car comfort and equipment levels, family-sized cabins and strong towing capacity positions them as an alternative to the traditional passenger car. More entrants to this light truck market are on the way in coming years so we can only expect this segment to grow.”

Ford Ranger uphill4x4 pick-up and cab-chassis light rigs hold a 12.9 percent share of the total market.

  4X4 NOV 16  OCT 16  YTD
1 Toyota Hilux 2905 2422 27,851
2 Ford Ranger 2820  2751  28,009
3 Nissan Navara 1577  927  13,177
4 Holden Colorado 1242  1151  15,278
5 Mitsubishi Triton 1205  803  16,074
6 Toyota Prado 1168  1049  13,533
7 Toyota LandCruiser Wagon 1028  972  10,795
8 Isuzu D-Max 983  810  9,857
9 Mazda BT-50 782  600  8,726
10 Isuzu MU-X 612  539  6,290

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