Toyota FJ Cruiser

Toyota's retro-inspired FJ Cruiser could be second only to the Jeep Wrangler for popularity among enthusiasts who want to modify their 4X4 vehicle.

Like the Jeep, the FJ is supported with a swag of aftermarket goodies from here and abroad. Then there are dedicated enthusiasts’ websites and clubs willing to share information and ideas on how to best to tailor your vehicle. While many are keen to write-off the FJ as a touring 4X4 because it doesn’t have a diesel engine option, the standard 4.0-litre petrol V6 has proven to be reasonably economical while offering plenty of power and silky smooth refinement. Here’s a gallery of extra pics of the hard-core supercharged FJ Cruiser we featured in 4X4 Australia’s March 2013 issue.


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