Terrain Tamer LC70 Modified Fifth Gear set: product

Terrain Tamer LC70 Modified Fifth Gear set product main

THE 4.5-litre TDV8 donk in Toyota’s 70 Series Land Cruiser is one sweet thing.

The only complaint is that its matched to a five-speed manual gearbox with a low fifth gear, meaning it sits relatively high in the rev-range (around 2400rpm) when cruising at 100km/h.

Toyota LandCruiser 76 SeriesTerrain Tamer’s new modified gear set includes a taller fifth gear, designed as a direct replacement for the OE part. This modified gear set brings the gear ratio down from .881 to .736, with an overall RPM reduction of 20 per cent.

The modified gear is built tough, too. Made from 62-strength Rockwell hardened steel, it meets exclusive Terrain Tamer tooling specs.

The Terrain Tamer Modified Fifth Gear Set can be purchased individually or as part of a gearbox overhaul kit.

It will also be optional in all relevant Terrain Tamer reconditioned gearboxes.


Website: www.terraintamer.com

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