4X4 Australia Xmas Gear Guide Part 1

4X4 Australia Xmas Gear Guide part 1

From fridges and camp chairs to coil springs and bullbars – the 4X4 Australia Xmas Gear Guide has you covered for gift ideas this Christmas.

See the latest 4x4 gear from the industry’s most respected names.

Ironman 4X4

Whether you’re hitting hardcore 4x4 tracks or heading out on a family camping trip, Ironman 4x4 Australia is a top choice for 4x4 suspension and accessories. 

4x4 xmas gear guide ironman 1A. 65L Dual Compartment Fridge/Freezer Inc. Cover. RRP $1199.00 EA
B. Fridge slide to suit 65L RRP $320.00EA
C. Travelmaster Multi rod RRP $149.00EA
D. Travelmaster Multi Reel RRP $75.00EA
E. Silicone Camping Kettle RRP $56.00EA
F. Silicone Ice cube tray (32 cube) RRP $9.00EA

ironman4x4.com // 1300 731 137

4x4 xmas gear guide ironman 2 A. 10L Silicone Collapsible bucket RRP $34.00EA
B. 9L Silicone Collapsible Tub RRP $31.00EA
C. Rechargeable Outdoor Camp Shower RRP $67.00EA
D. 3 Piece Shovel RRP $129.00EA
E. Quick Grip Clamp Set RRP $69.00EA
F. LED Tent fan RRP $46.00EA
G. LED Lantern Torch RRP $55.00EA

4x4 xmas gear guide ironman 3 A. Coil Spings RRP From $187.00 Pair
B. Adjustable Trailing Arms RRP From $165.00
C. 30W LED Modular Light Bar RRP $165.00EA
D. Foam Cell Pro Shocks RRP $220.00EA

ironman4x4.com // 1300 731 137

4x4 xmas gear guide ironman 4 A. Deluxe Commerical Bullbar RRP $1295.00EA
B. 90W LED Light Bar RRP $330.00EA
C. 9500LB Monster Winch with Rope RRP $750.00EA
D. Large Recovery Kit RRP $295.00EA
E. Tyre Repair Kit RRP $57.00EA
F. 72L Flowmax Compressor RRP $169.00EA

Terrain Tamer

Terrain Tamer specialises in 4x4 replacement parts and prides itself on quality gear tested in tough Aussie conditions. 

4x4 xmas gear guide terrain tamer A. Terrain Tamer Fanbelt Kits
Containing all required fan, air conditioning and power steering belts. Designed for high-temperature resistance and a stronger grip in both wet and dry conditions.
RRP starting at $35.00 (depending on vehicle/kit)

B. Terrain Tamer Hose Kits 
Including a complete set of quality hoses for specific vehicle application and stainless steel clamps.
RRP starting at $40.00 (depending on vehicle/kit)

C. Terrain Tamer Filter Kits
Featuring all required oil, air and fuel filters, packed together for safety and convenience when travelling in remote areas.
RRP starting at $50.00 (depending on vehicle/kit)

facebook.com/terraintamer // terraintamer.com // 1300 888 444


Communication is the key, especially when heavy machinery is involved. GME has this down to a tee, providing world-class radio gear for Australian 4x4s. 

4x4 xmas gear guide gme A. TX6150TP
The TX6150TP features two IP67 waterproof 80-channel UHF CB handhelds with powerful 2200mAh lithium ion batteries and intelligent battery management. Packed with loads of accessories in a rugged, waterproof case.
RRP $479.00

B. TX3100VP
With GME’s TX3100 Starter Kit, you’ll begin your UHF CB experience with everything you need from the get-go. Kit includes a powerful 5 Watt compact UHF radio with high-gain ground independent antenna and universal ‘Z’ mount.
RRP $279.00

C. TX665
Never be out of contact with the TX665 UHF CB handheld radio. Compact and lightweight with up to 17 hours battery life, this handy radio has a convenient USB multi-charging system for charging on the go.
RRP $69.00

D. TX665TP
The feature-packed TX665 handheld radio is also available in a value twin pack. TX665 optional faceplate colours are available in a three-pack, including pink, yellow and grey.
RRP $129.00

gme.net.au // 1300 463 463 


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