Davies Plain, Victoria

Victoria’s north-east corner has some of the most stunning scenery and 4X4 tracks in the country.

The Victorian High Country – approximately 23,000 square kilometres of rugged mountain ranges, deep river valleys and almost impenetrable bush – stretches from the Great Dividing Range, north of Melbourne to the Murray River in Victoria’s far north-east corner.

Subject to climate extremes, from snow on the higher peaks during winter to raging bushfires in summer, the High Country doesn’t exactly encourage permanent occupation. Apart from the ski resorts and several small villages there are few facilities. Those planning to visit the area need to be self-sufficient.

The jewel in the High Country’s crown is the extreme north-east corner, which forms part of Alpine National Park. This area is largely the domain of four-wheel drivers due to its limited access and mountainous terrain. The only direct access from NSW requires fording the Murray River at Tom Groggin – not something to be taken lightly (or at all) when the river is flowing strongly.

This area also has some of the highest tracks in Victoria; parts of Davies Plain Track are more than 1700m high. Mt Pinnibar (1727m) and Mt Gibbo (1716m) have the best 360-degree views you’ll experience anywhere – and you can park your 4X4 right on the summit.

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